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No Internet marketing campaign is complete without a technical evaluation. If your website isn’t technically optimized, or contains a lot of technical errors, you risk being completely ignored by search engines. If search engines, including Google, cannot index your website it will be lost online. Before your website can rank highly, and gain an edge over the competition, technical problems must be fixed.

Without an expert SEO evaluation, it’s impossible to know if your website has technical errors, and what these errors are. It’s also impossible to know if these glitches are preventing search engines from identifying, and categorizing your site. Technical SEO involves many complex factors.  SEO Business Solutions offers the best search engine optimization solutions for your business. We’re familiar with all the technical requirements needed to improve your online ranking, and draw traffic to your website.



SEO Business Solutions is an Internet marketing Toronto firm. We offer clients a full range of search engine marketing services to meet their needs. We begin every SEO campaign with a detailed website review. Our team will complete a thorough SEO audit of your website— including an in-depth evaluation of your site’s technical infrastructure.

This detailed technical evaluation will leave no stone unturned. We’ll make sure your website’s platform, hierarchy, and architecture are sound and well structured. And, we’ll determine if search engines can crawl, digest, and understand your website’s content. Potential technical problems can include redirects, coding errors, broken links, load time, and duplicate content to name a few.




SEO Business Solutions will create a customized technical report that outlines every technical problem your website has. And, we’ll develop a detailed plan to correct every technical issue, large or small. For example, we’ll identify the problems search engines encounter when trying to index your website, and provide solutions for each one.  Every report we draft is unique, and personalized to meet the needs of your business.

Local search engine optimization is a key to your success. But, small technical glitches can have a big impact on your search engine rankings. SEO Business Solutions will help you clean up your website, and resolve any technical issues your site might have, no matter how complex or technologically unique they are. Every problem has a solution. We’ll optimize the coding and infrastructure of your website— to make sure your site gets better rankings and increased traffic. We’re Internet marketing Toronto experts. All our recommendations comply with Google’s latest SEO search guidelines, and best industry practices.


Seo Techical


  • Improve website and page load times
  • Reduce and streamline coding
  • Remove duplicate content (in text, titles, descriptions, etc.)
  • Repair technical errors to improve crawl statistics and indexing rates
  • Update your XML sitemap
  • Improve your URL structure and create SEO-friendly sub URLs
  • Use robots.txt, meta robots tags, canonicals, and/or parameter handling to reduce or eliminate duplication
  • Identify and reduce redirects wherever possible
  • Report and fix broken links
  • Identify too-large files

    Search engine optimization SEO can be complicated.  Don’t let the technical side of SEO overwhelm you.  We understand technical SEO, and nothing escapes our attention to detail.  We’re an SEO and website design Toronto company with several years experience.  Our team offers personalized technical solutions for your website, and we’re fully-equipped to implement these changes for you.  Choose a search engine marketing company you can trust.

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