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What is SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of improving a websites’ ranking online using high-tech strategies and software. The purpose of SEO: draw traffic to your website, and move your website to the top of search results. Websites that rank highly on Google attract the most visitors, and gain credibility in the eyes of searchers. Improving your ranking online is one of the best ways to grow your business long term, and drive up sales. SEO is an essential component of any Internet marketing plan.


Is your website SEO friendly? An SEO website audit will let you know how you rank on Google, compared to your competitors. An audit will indicate, in detail, the strengths and weaknesses of your site, and suggest ways to improve your status online. We use sophisticated technology to analyze how search engines view your website, and identify anything that might damage your ranking. Our audits include a detailed technical review of your site’s infrastructure, and an in-depth keyword analysis. We also identify any structural problems, back-linking errors, and make sure pages load quickly. Based on these results, we develop a personalized SEO strategy for your business.

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Every SEO campaign begins with a consultation. We listen to our clients, and gain a detailed understanding of your products, services, and customers. We’ll review your current digital marketing strategy, and discuss your short and long-term business goals. Your goals could include drawing traffic to your website, generating leads, improving sales, or redesigning your website from scratch. SEO Business Solutions is results-driven. We identify measurable goals we can later track with high-tech SEO software and other techniques. We’ll decide where we need to focus: whether it’s improving the technical condition of your website, recovering from a Google update, or rewriting your content.


Are you confused about SEO? We’ll answer any questions you might have, and explain how SEO can help your business succeed. SEO Business Solutions will evaluate the current status of your website, including where you rank compared to your competitors. And, we’ll use this information to help us come of with a plan-of-action— a fully customized Internet marketing strategy. Client satisfaction is our number one priority. We build trustworthy relationships with clients, and we keep the lines of communication open at all times.

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Are your competitors outranking you online? Approximately 90% of us never look past the first page of search results. Make sure your website ranks highly on Google so customers can find you— before they find your competition. A competitive analysis will provide specific advice for improving your SEO strategy, so you can get an edge over your competition online. No one wants to lose valuable traffic to their competitors. Top-ranking websites on Google gain the most targeted traffic, leads, and sales— they also get the most respect and authority.

A competitive analysis will identify your leading competitors, and review their online marketing and SEO strategies. We’ll find out what they’re doing to succeed online. SEO Business Solutions will review their backlink profile, which keywords they’re targeting, and other marketing strategies such as “calls to action,” pay-per-click campaigns and social media. We’ll see if you could benefit from these strategies. Our focus: not to copy your competitors, but to surpass them with superior SEO techniques and strategies.

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The best SEO strategies focus on both on-page and off-page factors. On-page SEO involves work done “on” and “to” your website itself. We’ll make sure search engines can easily crawl, index, and rank your website— so you don’t get lost online. Our SEO experts will review your code structure, page navigation, and website load times. We’ll also check your internal link structure, web copy, and mobile browser capability. We’ll make sure your website meets Google’s standards for quality and excellence— and ranks highly on search engines. Responsive web design is also important. On-page SEO will enhance the user-experience, by ensuring your website is easy to navigate, attractive, and well structured.


Off-page SEO is focused on your reputation. Off-page SEO techniques help you build respect, credibility, and authority online. Google judges how relevant and “important” websites are based on several off-page factors— including how many high-quality links lead to your site from blogs, websites, and other online locations. Building connections with your target audience, industry leaders, and other websites is key. The more people are talking about you online the better. Our web agency will clean up your internal link structure, and fix old, poor quality links. We’ll develop a state-of-the-art plan to revamp your link structure, involving directories, social outlets, and help you build new connections online.


An SEO strategy is developed based on three key factors: an SEO website audit, personal consultation, and competitive analysis. Based on this data, we develop a highly customized SEO campaign for your business. SEO optimization will improve your ranking on top search engines, including Google, and draw targeted traffic to your website. Our SEO experts focus on the details, while keeping your larger goals in mind. We use cutting-edge SEO techniques, and implement proven strategies at all times. To ensure your campaign is successful, we use advanced tracking software to monitor your status online.


Your long-term growth matters to us. Our web development team outlines your path to success. We’ll provide you with an SEO schedule, so you know what to expect in the upcoming months. And, we’ll outline specific milestones and KPIs that are realistic and achievable. We focus on priorities first, which may include website redesign, content marketing, online advertising, or Google recovery. Marketing online is our specialty. We implement every SEO strategy in an efficient manner, and provide regular progress reports for every client. Improving your ranking online takes time, but with the right SEO plan, you can soar above your competition sooner than you thought possible.


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