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SEO keywords are the words and phrases we type in search engines when looking for products, services, or information. Keywords help search engines, such as Google, display relevant search results. In other words, they help Google know exactly what you’re looking for, and how to meet your needs.

Google displays websites that contain the keywords you’ve typed into the search bar— ensuring that the websites shown are the most appropriate and targeted for what you’re looking for. It’s a sophisticated and highly effective process. SEO keyword research is one of the best ways to increase targeted traffic to your website, and improve your ranking on top search engines.



A well optimized website “speaks the same language” as your target audience. Keyword optimization helps connect customers to your website, so you can increase your online presence, and grow your business over time.  Choosing the right keywords can make or break your website. 

We’re a Toronto SEO expert company with several years experience helping businesses increase their rankings online. We’ll help you choose the best keywords SEO tools can identify. And, we’ll strategically place these keywords in your content, and other areas such as meta tags, so that Google can identify and categorize your website properly. That way, your target market can find you when they need your products or services— right when they’re typing keywords into Google’s search bar.

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Designing a website is a complex process. And, choosing the best design layout is not easy. That’s why, it’s important to hire a website designing company. There are many factors to consider, such as font choice, image selection, and overall organization. You might wonder which font choice will maximize conversion rates? Or, which design layout will optimize the user experience? We can answer these questions and more. And, we’ll offer personalized web development solutions for your business.

SEO Business Solutions is familiar with all the latest technology and web design solutions. We use cutting-edge web design techniques, such as CSS3, jQuery, and HTML5. We also offer premium web hosting services, and long-term technical support for every client. Our Toronto web design firm provides ongoing maintenance services, to ensure your website remains a success.



We’ll place these high-demand keywords in your content— ensuring that Google identifies you as the right “match” for your target audience. That way, your website will show up on search results when people type in these keywords.

We’ll place popular keyword terms or phrases, strategically, on your website to ensure that your site appears on search results more often. The result: your website will attract more visitors and its ranking will increase over time. Knowing where to place keywords is important.

Google breaks websites down into key categories, based on importance: meta information and headers take priority over the content, and side bars and footers are least important. Placing keywords in the headers and meta tags will be more powerful then placing them in the side bar. And, keyword placement matters far more than how often keywords appear on your website. Keyword stuffing is not an effective SEO strategy. Search engines frown on this process, and Google penalizes websites for over-using keywords. 



Keyword optimization is a great way to get an edge over your competition online, and establish your business as a trustworthy resource. Each of our SEO packages are fully customized to meet your unique needs. SEO Business Solutions will ensure your keywords are highly relevant to your audience and effectively organized. We’re a local SEO company focused on delivering results.

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